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Don’t Forget About Homeowner Tax Breaks

One of the many perks of home ownership is big tax breaks. So whether you’re doing your taxes yourself or getting help from a professional, it’s important to take advantage of those breaks! Mortgage Interest Deduction: Before buying a home, a standard deduction may have made the most sense when you prepared your taxes. But homeowners can deduct the interest portion of their mortgage payments, and the earlier you are in your mortgage, the greater the percentage of each payment that goes toward interest, so take advantage right away! Home Office: There are specific criteria that have to be met [...]

Happier Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors make for a beautiful, stunning addition to your home. However, they can bring new cleaning and maintenance challenges that aren’t present with carpet. Here are some tips for simple, efficient, and thorough hardwood floor cleaning. Make the job easier Place mats on either side of your exterior doors and always remove your shoes before entering your home—and make sure your guests do the same. Protect the floors by placing felt (or similar) protectors on the feet of your furniture, and use area rugs to designate play areas for the kids. This will reduce extra dirt, dust, and floor [...]

5 Maintenance Resolutions For Your Home

We may be a little removed from New Year’s Day, but it’s not too late to make some new resolutions for your home. Start a home repair slush fund: Things in your home are going to break and need to fixed. It’s just a fact that comes with home ownership. Rather than letting expensive repairs take you by surprise, start planning for them. Set aside some money each month that you can eventually draw from when an appliance breaks or unexpected. Inspect your fireplace: Even if you have a gas fireplace, you should still inspect the valves and ceramic logs [...]

We will be closed on Thursday January 21st… You Are Welcome!

Clark County Realtors® heading for Olympia to ensure your Home Ownership is not a loophole! The office of Imagine Homes Realty, LLC will be closed for the day on Thursday, January 21st, so we may better serve you. On Thursday the Brokers of Imagine Homes Realty will travel to Olympia for Legislative Day or "Hill Day". What is Hill Day? This is a chance for us as Realtors® to meet with our State Representatives in Olympia and let them know the issues that are important to our clients - Clark County Home Owners, such as keeping excise tax [...]

Out with the Old and Make Way for 2016

Feng Shui says you need to make way for the new year. The days leading up to New Year's Eve are my favorite days for getting rid of what I don't need (take it to Good Will), replace the broken (insert your busted or broken items here) and take the old to the dump, let go of what you no longer love in your home, and make room for all the good things and energy coming your way in 20016. PopSugar even came up with a great list of 116 things to throw out. Click on the link below and [...]

Baby it’s Cold Outside

The weather is making a seasonal adjustment finally. But are you feeling cold inside your home? Cold houses drive up your heating bills - not good. House Logic has some great ideas for making sure your home is cozy warm all winter long. Check it out:Heartwarming Home Ideas

Top 10 Common Repair Costs

In the life of every home, repairs happen. Here are the top 10 most common repairs that, sooner or later, your house will require. A dripping faucet can be fixed for about $30 dollars if you DIY. Bring in a plumber for the repair and you may spend up to $300 on labor. Image: Liz Foreman for HouseLogic Congratulations on buying your first house! Now, you have to learn how to keep it in good repair. To be safe, you should set aside money every year — 1% to 3% of your home’s purchase price — for repairs and maintenance, [...]

Events in Camas/Washougal from Kay’s Food 4 Thought

OregonLive captures the fun at Camas vintage faire The 7th Annual Camas Vintage and Art Faire featuring over 60 local artisans will grace downtown Camas from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM this Saturday, August 29th on Fourth Avenue and Birch Street. Admission is free. The event is sponsored by the Downtown Camas Assoc., Camas Antiques, and Roost Reimagined. Live music, scrumptious food, combined with the charm of downtown Camas presents the total experience for an amazing day! For a list of Vendors, Click HERE. Mark your Calendars for Upcoming Events in Camas and Washougal: Friday, September 4th, 5:00 [...]

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