“We have worked with a total of 9 different realtors over the years. There are only 2 of which I would consider using again. Wendy Wampach is my top choice and she has made this a great experience. Wendy is friendly, reliable and goes the extra mile. In the process of selling our home, we were relocated over 3 hours away and several times Wendy let people in our out of our home as needed. When we unexpectedly had to have some repair work, she helped called around for quotes and organized the repair services for us. On many occasions she hauled trash cans in and out on garbage day. Wendy also helped up stage our house. When she realized that I had no flowers growing around my home, she pointed out that most women love flowers and that I should put a few around the yard for road appeal. I gave her a blank look and said I knew nothing about flowers. She said get your coat, we’re going flower shopping! I highly recommend Wendy to anyone who is buying/selling a home. She is professional, dependable and goes above and beyond the call of the job.” ~Cynthia G.
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