Rule #2 Agreements Are No Longer Made On Price Alone

Real Estate New Rule #2The old rule, buyer signs a contract and the deal closes in 30 to 40 days. Then the seller moves out, and you can move in.

The new rule, the more a seller values comfort and certainty, the less money you have to offer to win a pricing competition. One of many examples of this new rule is being willing to become a temporary landlord for as long as it takes to make the seller feel good. This means after you close, you might let them stay rent-free for a month, maybe two or maybe longer with a rent back.

The new rule is you’re buying their comfort with time so that they can use that time to find a place, lock it up, close their escrow and then move comfortably.

Remember the new real estate rule

Agreements are no longer made on price alone.

They are made on terms and cemented with a price.

When we meet, I’ll show you different examples that appeal to sellers. Time is just one.

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