Real Estate Rule #3: Get Your Financing 100% Completed First

Old rule: Get a mortgage pre-approval letter and start looking for your dream home.

New rule: Get your financing 100% completed before you start looking at houses.

This old rule has been in place for decades, but the problem is, it does not work anymore. In today’s market, mortgage pre-approval letters fail miserably almost every time.

It is actually good news for you that most buyers out there are still playing by the old rule. We’re winning by adapting and creating new rules. The new rule is to get your financing 100% completed before you go shopping. Then you have the power to win against multiple offers. The new rule is speed wins in competitive situations because when your loan is done first, you can close as quickly as a cash offer and weeks quicker than the competition with mortgage pre-approval.

When we get together, I’ll go into greater detail on how we will get your loan funded before the competition even begins. Because you want to be prepared when you find your dream home.

I’m super excited to guide, lead, and protect you, and to give you all the new rules, that’ll give YOU the unfair advantage. I’ll see you soon to discuss all the new rules in the new game.

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Real Estate Rule #3